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Manifestation of the Sons of God

Manifestation of the Sons of God

We are the Sons of God listening to the very heartbeat of the Father’s assignment in the Earth. Manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God. Our manifold gifting is in spiritual warfare prayer, breaker anointing to destroy the works of evil, prophetic interpretation, the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood five–fold gifting ministry. We enter the heavenly dimensions of his presence, beyond the Holy of Holies beyond the veil in the face of God.  We walk in the Power of His Love, Counsel of Wisdom, Spiritual Seers, Revelation knowledge, Deliverance, Healing, Restoration of the Soul, Maturity and the Fruits of his Spirit. Our commission is to equip, train and release the Spirit of Truth in the Earth to believers and non-believers in deliverance, teaching of salvation to those that are lost.   We are now in a season GOD's divine order and alignment to all things creation for him and by him. Yeshuah, Christ Jesus in his finished works and the Holy Spirit working together with the Sons of God manifested in the Spirit of the Most High. The Seeds planted are Pure and not mingled with religion and man-made ideology but bearing much fruit in levels of Maturity for the Kingdom of Heaven.  We Have Not Many Fathers to address the proper order of the Melchizedek priesthood, kingdom prayers, The Order of A Son, recovering the generational blessing, the Promises of the Father's Blessing (Abraham’s Seed) bloodline tithe was paid only to Melchizedek priesthood and manifesting Honor through our Spiritual Father-Son relationships. Many religious leaders have taught us in error of the order of the tithe with no God given revelation of the mysteries of that relationship.  We must take responsibility and authority of the tables we eat from. Hebrews 4:3   For we who have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on God) do enter into that rest, [a]in accordance with His declaration that those [who did not believe] should not enter when He said, As I swore in My wrath, They shall not enter My rest; and this He said although [His] works had been completed and prepared [and waiting for all who would believe] from the foundation of the world.A) (Amplified Bible)

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