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Welcome to Prophetic Destiny of Sonship

The Sons of Zadok The Last Days Priesthood

Welcome to The Prophetic Destiny Sonship Experience!  We are the Army of God under the Order of Christ Jesus in his finished works.  The very nature of him in father-son relationship.  We are mentored teachers under a true apostolic prophetic mantle of true leadership.   We are intimate and sensitive to the Holy Spirit the Comforter and Teacher (the Spirit of Christ) the Angelic Host and spirit of vindication in the finishing anointing for this end time.   In preparation of his Coming, we have a special assign- ment and purpose for the finality of all things in the Father’s perfection.  We walk in the Fruits of His Righteousness, Joy, and Peace, in the Holy Ghost.  We seek the counsel of Wisdom for strategies in Fulfillment for the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.  As the history of mankind marches relentlessly toward its final hour, there is a longing in the hearts of a remnant of people to draw nearer to Jesus, to come into His presence like never before, and to hear the heartbeat of God. It seems the atmosphere is pregnant with a supernatural expectancy that something or someone is about to be released in the earth. There has been much talk over the last several years about the earth being filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14), and it has been taught (and rightly so) that His Glory will be revealed through His people. But who are these people and what qualifies them to be carriers of this magnificent Glory representing the very manifest presence of God?  The Zadok priesthood after the order of Melchizedek is not for the fainthearted, the timid, the lukewarm, or those concerned with the cares of this life. It is for the passionate warrior whose only desire is to fellowship with Jesus in the Holy of Holies. They are the ones who will press beyond the Outer Court, beyond the Holy Place, and enter fully into communion in the Holy of Hollies. This experience speaks to the transformation that occurs when one yields themselves fully to the work of the Holy Spirit, the promises from God that accompany that yielded ness, and the wonder of walking in a realm that only few have ever tasted.  May you find hope in your calling, peace for your soul, and joy everlasting as you pursue entrance into the Rest of the Lord and find Christ in you, your hope of Glory, and the key to becoming a Son of Zadok? This is the Order of the Father's Eternal Plan revealing the Glory of the latter House in the Prophetic Year of 5780 (2020) in the Hebrew calendar of God's divinity. Enjoy the Daily Word Led of the Holy Spirit with intimacy, fresh manna and revelation as we seek his face for the greater things to come in the earth.  He is raising up His true Sons walking after the order of the Melchizedek priesthood (Psalm 110:4) sworn to his word the Order of his priesthood forever. The Kingdom of Heaven will manifest in His Glory, Honor, the very demonstration of His Power, Authority, Dominion, Grace, and Wisdom as a sign of the his return in the Earth. For more information of this impartation and teaching please email us @ ApostolicKingdom@aol.com with contact information, the title of your request  to schedule availability for a time of ministry for individuals, churches and or conferences. 

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